Rhetorical Situation

Overview and Purpose

MindMup is an online mind-mapping service with the business professional or student in mind. With multiple options for communication, collaboration, and publishing, MindMup is designed to make brainstorming and idea planning easy and accessible. Developed in January 2013 by Damjan Vujnovic, David de Florinier, and Gojko Adzic, this interface is intended to, in their words, “create a free and open alternative to commercial mind mapping cloud services, and the three main drivers of the project are creating a frictionless interface, productivity and community-driven development” (discover.mindmup.com).

Audience and Context

The primary audience for MindMup is businesses, because it is optimized for cloud-based drive collaboration, and is publishable through Dropbox, Facebook, and other social media sites, as well as MindMup Atlas, their online map library. It allows for the generation of storyboards, presentations, and maps that include images, links, and text. Because of the many options for creation and editing as well as collaboration, the secondary audience is students. This interface would be easy to use for group projects because everyone can share their ideas in one place. If students are able to work on projects more efficiently with a mind map, MindMup is an easy online alternative. While in the past outlining and mind-mapping were private and usually not online, MindMup modernizes the process with opportunities for cooperation and content sharing.


The authors of this interface make MindMup as user-friendly as possible. There are multiple opportunities for seeking help and assistance, and they are very open about its creation, user statistics, and purpose. They are also very open to communication with the users, and have many opportunities to get in touch with them through the website. This helps establish their credibility and assure the reader that they are fully supportive of their interface.

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