Design Choices and Modes of Communication


MindMup is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. There is emphasis placed on the mind-mapping screen itself, to help the user focus on their tasks. There are also plenty of opportunities for contrast, because it is easy to change the color and design of the boxes and images used in the map itself. Organizationally, MindMup arranges the design of the map for the user, usually preventing confusion of ideas. MindMup also is well organized because of the menus, which are easy to find, and the abundant ways to find support and assistance. MindMup also controls the alignment and proximity of the thought bubbles, which influences how the map is designed and viewed by the user. It is designed for optimized clarity and organization.


screenshot – map design incorporating images








  • Linguistic – MindMup is linguistic in that it is designed to include written words, and has many examples of linguistic elements throughout the website.
  • Visual – MindMup incorporates images both uploaded by the user and included by the authors.
  • Spatial – MindMup is heavily based on spatial arrangement because it is of the organizational genre, designed for clear outlining.

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