About Me

Molly Ryan

Hello! My name is Molly Ryan. I am from Blacksburg, Virginia, and I am currently a sophomore at Virginia Tech. I am majoring in both Creative Writing and Professional Writing. Some of my passions include horseback riding, dance fitness, and writing novels.

This blog Molly_125has been created for the class ENGL 3844, Writing & Digital Media, in order for me (as part of the class) to investigate different forms of online content. This blog is the representation of my online identity.

Online, I love any means of sharing images and editing them to my personal preference. My two favorite forms of digital media are Facebook and Instagram, and through those two websites I primarily share photographs of horses and myself. I enjoy taking and editing creative photos with my horses because it gives me an outlet to express my emotions and feelings in a more anonymous, idealistic setting. While in reality photography with large animals with minds of their own is far from perfect; online, I only need one good shot for unlimited perfecting possibilities.

Below are some of my favorite images, as well as my image of online identity.







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