Last Update

What I Did

Since my last update I finished sewing the cloak for my project, and I thought about what to name the Instagram account I am going to be using, as well as how I will present my project to the class. I might have to link the account in the project so that it can be viewed as a consecutive story as well as in individual images.

Why I Did It

With the cloak finished, I am completely ready to take my photos and will do so probably over a few days this week. That will give me plenty of time to edit them and upload them to Instagram, and make sure that the entire project is as exemplary as possible. I’m really excited about executing this project so I want to be sure that it’s the best it can be.


What I Did

Today I starting thinking about how I am going to design my Instagram profile to best display my photo essay. I am going to have to log out of my personal account on my phone and create a new account with a different email to generate the Snow White profile, so that there isn’t any crossover from the actual project onto my personal account (although I will definitely post the photos I take on my personal after the project is done). If this is too hard, I will find another way to create a photo essay (like on my blog or another form of media).

Why I Did It

Starting this process now will make it easy to upload the photos in the end. I can have the account ready to go so that I can get the photos on as quickly as possible once I have them. Instagram is a little tricky because you can only upload photos from an iPhone, so I’m going to have to download the pictures from the camera to my computer, edit them, and then upload them via email to my phone and then to Instagram. If I have the account ready, this process will be less time consuming.

Revision Plan

Today in class we did peer review of our projects. We introduced our work using the format in Writer/Designer, discussing the audience, purpose, and design choices. We gave each other feedback as to what is necessary for revision.

My Revision Plan

My project is interesting because there isn’t a ton of revision involved. I have gathered all the items I need for the project and finalized my costume (which definitely took some editing). After I take the actual photos, I will have to revise which images I want to use and put on the actual digital media platform (Instagram). As I format my project, I need to keep my storyboard in mind so that the photos accurately tell the story with the least amount of text possible. I also need to be sure to take plenty of pictures so that I have plenty to choose from. In addition, the photos need to be able to be cropped to a square to fit in the Instagram constraints.

As long as I follow these parameters as I finish my project, it should be easy to complete.

Progress and Presentation Signup

What I Did

Since my last post, I finished making the flower neck strap for my horse, as well as the cloak I’m wearing in the photos. Today in class we also signed up for presentations. At this point, I have everything in place to take the photos, which is the easiest part of the project process.

Why I Did It

Having everything I need ready for the physical photography session enables me to have plenty of time to take the photos. Since I have all the props as well as my storyboard ready, I can take the photos at any time. Obviously I need the weather to be good and the right time of day to take the photos, so having several days available is essential. In addition, signing up for the presentation gives me a goal for when I need to have everything ready to present.

Documentation Plan

What I Did 

Since my last post I have almost finished making my cloak for my photos, I have added more flowers to the neck strap for my horse, and I have gotten my flower crown. I have also looked into how I will document my sources for the project.

Why I Did It

Getting all my props in order ahead of time will allow for minimal stress on the actual day of the shoot and gives me plenty of time for testing and tweaking. I looked into the best methods of documentation of my sources in Writer/Designer so that I can present them in the most effective, genre appropriate way.

Documentation Plan

If I decide to present my photo essay through Instagram, I will most likely put the title of the stories as well as the links to the websites themselves in the biography section of the page, so that it is clear, clean, and as minimal as possible. This will work well for digital documentation because the links can be interacted with, and there won’t be the need for the extensive amount of information required in MLA formatting. If there are specific scenes I am referencing, I will likely mention them in the post itself.


What I Did

Since the last post, I finished making my story board for my project, and I was able to finalize the actual concept for my story. I also figured out how I am going to take my pictures and I have secured assistance from my friends who are willing to help me pull it off.

Why I Did It

The story board helped me visualize what exactly I am going to do for my project and how I am going to do it, so now it is very clear in my mind.

Story Board Powerpoint

Timeline for Project 4

What I Did

Since my last post I have gotten a lot done on my project. I have found a dress, as well as a headpiece for my photos, and I have obtained the flowers I need for my horse. I have also done a lot of research into photography and the best usage of light ( videos).

Why I Did It

Getting everything I need for the day of the shoot will allow me ample time for fine tuning to be sure that I am not rushed or overwhelmed. I also have the option to redo anything that needs to be tested first (like the dress and the cloak).


  • April 13th – I will go to the fabric store to get the fabric I need for my cloak.
  • April 15th – I will have my storyboard ready.
  • April 17th – I will be sure that all my props will work (test run).
  • April 18th-19th – Ideally I will do my photos this weekend. I need to shoot in the evening for the best light, so it might take more than one day.
  • April 20th-21st – I will start playing with editing the photos, and decide how to present them (via Instagram or another method of photoessay).
  • April 22nd – I will present what I have for peer review.
  • April 28th – I will have my presentation ready.
  • April 30th- May 5th – I will submit my final presentation.

Beginning Project 4

For my Remix a Story project, I have decided that I will be focusing on the original story of Snow White. In both the Disney and the Brothers Grimm versions, there is a very specific scene in which Snow White is forced to flee through the dark forest from the huntsman. I have a horse (ironically named Doc) as well as a forest, which I think will be perfect to recreate the scene. I plan to do a photo essay of me and the horse, complete with costumes, recreating the scene where she is fleeing the huntsman, as well as perhaps the final scene where she eats the apple. I have already started working on the costuming as well as the planning for the shoot (like camera angles, poses, and various ideas for shots).

My sources:

Exploring Remix Examples

What Makes a Good Remix

  • Well thought out – the author makes clear choices appropriate to their story and selected the best media method possible.
  • Creative – the author used creative methods to convey the story.
  • Engaging – the author made the story interesting and fun to experience.

What Makes a Good Digital Story

Of all the examples I really liked the Chamber of PostSecrets. I thought that the author did a really good job selecting the best digital media to convey the story and presented it in a cool, different way. I liked her images and her usage of the blog format.

Stories I am Considering

I would like to do a princess story because I have a lot of resources that would work well for that format. Photography is my favorite form of digital media, and I have access to really nice cameras. I also have access to a horse farm with many “princess” horses that photograph beautifully, as well as a variety of different backgrounds (forests, fields, mountains, creeks, etc.). I think I would probably choose Cinderella, Snow White, or Rapunzel.


Second Day of Presentations

Today we listened to several more presentations on different interfaces. I was most intrigued by Natalie’s tool, Trello. I could definitely see myself being interested in a tool like that because I like organization and DIY projects, and it might be helpful to see a series of lists on what needs to be done, what’s in progress, and what’s completed. Seeing it all visually with the option to use pictures and multiple lists is a cool idea, and it has a lot of different potential uses which is interesting.